Debate Me, I’m a Free Thinker

Please, debate me. I love it. I love arguing with people because I am a free thinker. If something contradicts what I think is right, I change my mind and ideas. I want to be proven wrong. ¬†Unlike most religious people, I’m not stubborn.

It seems every argument I have with a Christian, ends in “Well, that’s just what I believe.” No! I don’t understand! Why? Why want to believe when you can know. And obviously we cannot know everything but that’s the beauty of it. We don’t make crap up. If I don’t know, I’m humble and I say the simple words of “I don’t know.”

It’s not that hard. But if you want to take an extra step, and you’re that kinda person… You can say, “…But I’ll find out.”

I’m gonna post more about this later when I have more time. But I wanted to make a simple notion to debate me, not just me though… The world. Argue with the world. Question everything. Learn! The world is full of questions, we need more answers.

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2 comments on “Debate Me, I’m a Free Thinker
  1. Maggie Heermann says:

    I get tired of having the argument with my former youth pastor. “How do you know all your claims to be true?”

    I said I base my claims on facts which are subject to change. Yet he replied back to me.

    “What if your facts are proven not to be true?”

    Apparently you didn’t get my implication. Science is open to change. It used to be to be church you had to believe that the earth was in the middle and the sun revolved around it. Now we know that is not true.

    I think actions control destiny more than faith. If I have any issue I’ll write about it. Today I wrote for about 2 hours over Atheism and frustrations. I’d rather write about frustrations or meditate than wail for an answer through prayer.

    Prayer I think can easily be disproved by another cause. I look at the cause of events. I don’t decipher “Is it God’s will?” “His plan”

    If I want change to happen I act simple as that. Reason over faith always helps me!

  2. Maggie Heermann says:

    For me I get tired of having to credit God for everything. He created everything so he obviously choose to make me an Atheist and it seems that anything good in life you can thank God for. Here’s an example.

    The Tree of Life store around here went out of business and some people might have prayed to find a place where they could open the store. So they found these place and think because they got the store God answered their prayers. They probably thanked the Lord for the store opening only to find a few years later they ran out of business.

    Yeah pray all you want that your store will stay in business but truth is if any business is not making enough money it goes out of business.

    I’m annoyed with Christians making stubborn claims that are so not true. I was told by this guy in a Christian bible study that Disney wanted to buy his radio and he knew God was more powerful. He swore Disney would not buy his radio but Disney ended up buying it. So when my church said we should pray that the school district nearby doesn’t steal our church I lost it.

    Numerous issues like the Tree of Life store running out of business and Disney buying the Christian radio are out of control issues that have absolutely nothing to do with a Godly force and I think are quite common or similar to other issues non religious people face.

    What is with all these people saying God made everyone? Well that makes sense God made me an Atheist so I can burn in Hell forever! A man and a woman make people not God!

    I also got tired of this idea that if I hand my issues over to Christ they can be resolved. Having Christ in my life did not lead me at all to having acceptance of Math Dyslexia Dyscalculia. I prayed the serenity prayer and still ran numerous times into the guidance office bawling my eyes out crying over a nasty response I got from a teacher.

    I also ran crying into the bathroom at church camp because when I heard the song Roaring Like a Lion by the David Crowder Band I could not apply them to math. I figured out later after becoming an Atheist I had no reason to cry, get upset and walk out of youth group feeling like an idiot.

    God was never going to lead me into accepting my learning disability ,help pave a way to make my life easier, or help me pick up Math faster. I realized I had to learn it myself. I had to learn about what I could and could not do with my learning disability myself!

    I found out the frontal lobe of my brain which recalls steps and prior knowledge is impaired. Any problem that has over 2 steps is automatically difficult. My impaired lobe makes any step by step procedure difficult. This is why my mom usually has to write out the list of chores so I can remember them.

    I think Brandon what would improve this entry is if you got a little more personal. I shared some of my personal experience of why I was dissatisfied and left religion. There has to be some personal experience you had that made you become an Atheist. Don’t use a name but can you recall an instance where you were talking to a religious person and you felt the answer “Well that’s just what I believe.” was not explaining enough?

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