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Leaving in 6 Days!

Yes! That is right ladies and gentlemen. I leave July 28th to the hotel and then I’ll be at Lackland AFB in 6 days time, being yelled at most likely. This post isn’t much. Just really excited. The next post

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Boot from SD but use a thumb drive as RootFS

I found this solution at while having the same issue. Rather than moving the whole root partition, you could create a partition on the USB stick, and then pick a mount point for this where the space is required.

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Things For Air Force Basic (BMT)

Below is a very thorough but roughly thrown together list of things to bring to Air Force BMT. I’ll be leaving soon so I thought I’d drop my list here. Obviously I don’t have everything on this list but I’ll

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Project: Raspberry Pi to 4 TB NAS with 1.5 TB Backup Storage

I’ll be turning my lovely Raspberry Pi into an even lovelier 4 TB network attached server with periodic backups to my 1.5 TB hard drive, also attached to the Pi. I want to blog all of this so that others

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