My JARVIS-like Program

Just wanted to blog about it so I didn’t forget, because I’m taking a small break from a large project to practice reverse engineering software.

I’ve been working on a very large project by myself. I’m coding it in Java. I guess I don’t really have a name for it, but I did just think of a likely competitor. JAVIS.

Just Another Very Intelligent System

Much like JARVIS, but because… well… it’s coded in Java, so… Jav- you get it.

So plans include, when I continue work on the project soon, to start coding that name into the project. Give it more personality. It’s probably a girl.

When the project is very stable and useful, I’ll most likely release the source. For others to take a part, learn from, use.

If you’re seriously interested, get a hold of me.


Project released open source. Enjoy!

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