Google Drive Unlimited + Raspberry Pi

I’m extremely excited about this post. It’s not a full post, nor a tutorial by any means, but really just me bragging I guess.

So basically I’ve set up my Raspberry Pi to sync with my Google Drive. You’re thinking, oh big deal, who cares? But now with the Google’s recent news of unlimited space for only $10 a month, I’m extremely excited. I’ll be moving pretty much everything I have on my local media to my new cloud source. There are gonna be some issues, like encryption, which I don’t want to do without. But shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

One of my plans is to upload all my media and then start streaming ALL my media from my Google Drive to my Raspberry Pi running RaspBMC.

If you’re interested in the project, I’ll be posting more updates soon, but feel free to comment too.


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