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Deassociate Phone/Device with Google Play


Okay so after hours and hours of frustrating research and time on the phone with Google Apps for Business, I’ve found a solution to an issue plaguing several people, including myself. When your phone or device is stuck and associated

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I wanna be a millionaire

I’m just watching this video ( And I’m thinking… I could have done this. I’m 20 now so I’m not a teen anymore, ehhh, but it’s not too late. I should stop wasting so much time, and start making moves.

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Intellectual Property Infringement by Developers on Google Play

I’m getting more into Android development, or I was until Google’s Android team stabbed me in the back. To make this story short, I posted what was basically a soundboard, with clips of Mathew McConaughy’s famous quotes. It was a

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A Website Vulnerable to Hackers

I found a pretty cool site while browsing Facebook, I don’t want to give any identifying information that might get them hacked so I’ll just say they stand for something I do as well. I found their site to be

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