Deassociate Phone/Device with Google Play

Okay so after hours and hours of frustrating research and time on the phone with Google Apps for Business, I’ve found a solution to an issue plaguing several people, including myself. When your phone or device is stuck and associated with your Google Play account. It can get very annoying and very messy, especially if you’re a beta tester and you just want to download an app. Before you know it, you have a hundred devices on your Android Device Manager list.

My OCD, was KILLING me seeing phone Galaxy S5 on my business account, instead of my personal account. Ugh. So right after getting off the phone with Google, I kinda gave up. Read a bit more, and saw something about the device being removed after 9 months of inactivity. So that’s some hope, I guess.

But wait! Right after I gave up, I was just browsing my account, and light came down from the heavens…


So let’s begin.

If you want to remove a device from your Android Device Manager list:

Navigate to the following link on the account you would like to remove the specific device:

Find the device that you want to remove. In my case, my Galaxy S5. But for demonstration purposes I’ll be removing an old dev phone.



What it should look like after you click “Remove”


Sorry I don’t have a picture of the big red remove button, because I’m not about to risk and put myself through that hell again, but believe me. You should be seeing it right now.

Click that button.

Go to the Android Device Manager in Google Play.

Boom! It’s gone!

Yes. Just yes. Much frustration later. That’s why I’m sharing this with the internetz so maybe you won’t have to go through the same pain.

Thanks guys!

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