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MXB.IO (New Domain)

Just registered a new domain with the new .io extension. Thought I had to get mine before it was too late. Of course, because of the short extension, I wanted to get a short domain. Five letters, not including the

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The World’s Most Humbling Comic

Hey guys. This has to be one of the most humbling comic’s I have ever read in my entire life. Of course it is Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, made into comic form. Found at Zen Pencils.

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Pictures Taken with The Sony DSC WX300

Here are some random pictures I took with the Sony DSC WX300. It’s a great camera so check it out. Also check out my YouTube video I posted on it:¬† Without further adieu:

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Possibly Soon: New Live Videos, Life of BrandonMXB

Not that many care, I’m sure. But I want to start making live videos of my life to get ready for my military career. It’s actually a lot of work, so I want to start with recording the end of

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Purchase Camera?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, should I buy a camera? I would love to have something to record HD Youtube videos, take nice high resolution pictures, and stuff like that. I want to get it soon for

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Hello World!

Hello people of the internets! This is my first post in my new blog on my new website. I hope to post some things that I do on this blog and make it my central point/home page for all my

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