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My Story with Google Play Developer Admins

When I first posted my first app, it was a fun joke app. I never wanted to make money and I didn’t think I was breaking any copyright laws, and I still don’t but we’re past that. The app was

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Deassociate Phone/Device with Google Play


Okay so after hours and hours of frustrating research and time on the phone with Google Apps for Business, I’ve found a solution to an issue plaguing several people, including myself. When your phone or device is stuck and associated

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Intellectual Property Infringement by Developers on Google Play

I’m getting more into Android development, or I was until Google’s Android team stabbed me in the back. To make this story short, I posted what was basically a soundboard, with clips of Mathew McConaughy’s famous quotes. It was a

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A Website Vulnerable to Hackers

I found a pretty cool site while browsing Facebook, I don’t want to give any identifying information that might get them hacked so I’ll just say they stand for something I do as well. I found their site to be

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Google Drive Unlimited + Raspberry Pi

I’m extremely excited about this post. It’s not a full post, nor a tutorial by any means, but really just me bragging I guess. So basically I’ve set up my Raspberry Pi to sync with my Google Drive. You’re thinking,

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My JARVIS-like Program

Just wanted to blog about it so I didn’t forget, because I’m taking a small break from a large project to practice reverse engineering software. I’ve been working on a very large project by myself. I’m coding it in Java.

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Boot from SD but use a thumb drive as RootFS

I found this solution at while having the same issue. Rather than moving the whole root partition, you could create a partition on the USB stick, and then pick a mount point for this where the space is required.

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Project: Raspberry Pi to 4 TB NAS with 1.5 TB Backup Storage

I’ll be turning my lovely Raspberry Pi into an even lovelier 4 TB network attached server with periodic backups to my 1.5 TB hard drive, also attached to the Pi. I want to blog all of this so that others

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PHP MySQL PDO Super Noob Easy Querying Function

This function is super easy and very efficient in moderation. When I say in moderation, I mean it shouldn’t be called too much every page. Nothing bad would really happen, it’s just bad programming etiquette to open a MySQL socket

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I’ve been very slowly developing the homepage. I’ve been extremely busy with life, volunteering at Wolf PAC, and doing other crap. I’m starting to get interested again in developing the front page into more than it currently is. I want

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