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My Story with Google Play Developer Admins

When I first posted my first app, it was a fun joke app. I never wanted to make money and I didn’t think I was breaking any copyright laws, and I still don’t but we’re past that. The app was

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Intellectual Property Infringement by Developers on Google Play

I’m getting more into Android development, or I was until Google’s Android team stabbed me in the back. To make this story short, I posted what was basically a soundboard, with clips of Mathew McConaughy’s famous quotes. It was a

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A Website Vulnerable to Hackers

I found a pretty cool site while browsing Facebook, I don’t want to give any identifying information that might get them hacked so I’ll just say they stand for something I do as well. I found their site to be

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Google Drive Unlimited + Raspberry Pi

I’m extremely excited about this post. It’s not a full post, nor a tutorial by any means, but really just me bragging I guess. So basically I’ve set up my Raspberry Pi to sync with my Google Drive. You’re thinking,

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Leaving in 6 Days!

Yes! That is right ladies and gentlemen. I leave July 28th to the hotel and then I’ll be at Lackland AFB in 6 days time, being yelled at most likely. This post isn’t much. Just really excited. The next post

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Things For Air Force Basic (BMT)

Below is a very thorough but roughly thrown together list of things to bring to Air Force BMT. I’ll be leaving soon so I thought I’d drop my list here. Obviously I don’t have everything on this list but I’ll

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What To Do, With My Remaining Time?

It seems like it’d be really easy to decide, possibly do nothing? I can’t do that. I have to always be doing something, in the time I’m not sleeping. I play games, code, hangout with people, anything! I leave  a

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I’ve been very slowly developing the homepage. I’ve been extremely busy with life, volunteering at Wolf PAC, and doing other crap. I’m starting to get interested again in developing the front page into more than it currently is. I want

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The World’s Most Humbling Comic

Hey guys. This has to be one of the most humbling comic’s I have ever read in my entire life. Of course it is Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, made into comic form. Found at Zen Pencils.

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Pictures Taken with The Sony DSC WX300

Here are some random pictures I took with the Sony DSC WX300. It’s a great camera so check it out. Also check out my YouTube video I posted on it: Without further adieu:

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