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Leaving in 6 Days!

Yes! That is right ladies and gentlemen. I leave July 28th to the hotel and then I’ll be at Lackland AFB in 6 days time, being yelled at most likely. This post isn’t much. Just really excited. The next post

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Things For Air Force Basic (BMT)

Below is a very thorough but roughly thrown together list of things to bring to Air Force BMT. I’ll be leaving soon so I thought I’d drop my list here. Obviously I don’t have everything on this list but I’ll

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What To Do, With My Remaining Time?

It seems like it’d be really easy to decide, possibly do nothing? I can’t do that. I have to always be doing something, in the time I’m not sleeping. I play games, code, hangout with people, anything! I leave  a

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The World’s Most Humbling Comic

Hey guys. This has to be one of the most humbling comic’s I have ever read in my entire life. Of course it is Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, made into comic form. Found at Zen Pencils.

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Purchase Camera?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, should I buy a camera? I would love to have something to record HD Youtube videos, take nice high resolution pictures, and stuff like that. I want to get it soon for

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Hello World!

Hello people of the internets! This is my first post in my new blog on my new website. I hope to post some things that I do on this blog and make it my central point/home page for all my

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